Database connection errors

General guide to troubleshooting database connection errors.

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Here are the main reasons why you are not able to set up a database connection with KPIBees:

  1. You are not providing the correct connection credentials. We recommend to re-check your credentials again. If possible, try to connect with a different database client to your database, does it work? If you are not sure that you have the correct credentials (host included!), send a quick message to your hosting provider and they will be able to guide you on getting the correct credentials.

  2. Your database does not allow remote connections from the KPIBees servers. Check out this article for more information on whitelisting -->

  3. You are trying to connect to a database hosted on your localhost. It's recommended to host your database on a cloud hosting service instead, check this article for more information -->

If the above information does not help you get a successful connection, please message us on chat for more information.

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