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Whitelist KPIBees to access my database
Whitelist KPIBees to access my database

How to whitelist KPIBees to access my database?

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By default, some hosting providers do not allow connection access to the KPIBees servers. As a good rule of thumb, scan your database IP and port to see if it's opened. If it's not opened, and your database credentials are correct, the most likely scenario is that you need to whitelist KPIBees.

If your database provider does not allow all incoming connections, then you will need to whitelist our IP. The KPIBees server IP that you need to allow is

In general, you can find a tutorial on how whitelisting works for your hosting provider by searching on google for "allow remote connection database_type hosting_provider_name".

Please send us a shout on chat if you still need help with this issue!

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