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Manage your created queries
Manage your created queries

View & edit all the created queries within a spreadsheet.

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So you've been busy as a bee and you've created a bunch of queries in a spreadsheet. Now you want to see all your created queries. For this goal, you can use the "Manage Queries" interface.

You can open "Manage Queries" by:

  1. Going in the spreadsheet menu to "Add-ons", then KPIBees, then "Manage Queries"

  2. (or) From the sidebar by clicking on the right burger menu (visible below), then "Manage Queries".

For all the created queries you can:

  • Refresh: By refreshing a query it will pull new data and place the new data in the spreadsheet by replacing or appending (depending on your query setting). You can also refresh all the queries in the spreadsheet by going to Add-ons > KPIBees > Refresh all queries.

  • Edit: You can always come back to a query and modify the query parameters.

  • View: The "view" action is a useful tool as it will select the full query range in the spreadsheet, showing you how the query output extends - this is really useful if you have a bunch of queries in adjacent ranges.

  • Duplicate: If you have an existing query that you need elsewhere in the spreadsheet, you need to select the cell where you want to duplicate. Then click on Duplicate for the query you want to replicate. Like a newly created query, it will be created in the cell you've currently selected. If you need to Move a query, you can use the Duplicate procedure and then Delete the older query.

  • Delete: You can delete any created query. When a query is deleted, it will delete all the content it previously pulled.

You can find these actions in the "Manage Queries" UI or if have a query form opened, you can see these actions in the menu from the sidebar. Additionally, you can use these actions by detecting queries in your selected spreadsheet cell.

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