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How to set automatic data refresh
How to set automatic data refresh

Set hourly, weekly or monthly automatic refreshing of your queries.

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KPIBees offers two types of bulk refreshing procedures:

A lot of times you need to update all queries in the spreadsheet at the current moment. When this is the case, you can use the "Refresh all queries" action. To trigger it, go to "Add-ons" / KPIBees / "Refresh all queries".

If you only need to refresh a single query, check out the individual query actions instead.

To set automatic refresh on a certain spreadsheet, go to "Add-ons" / KPIBees / "Notifications & data refresh".

Here you can set hourly, daily, or weekly. Every time a refresh happens, you can receive an email or a Slack notification.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to set more often than hourly - this is a Google Sheets limitation, coming from Google. But you can always refresh manually, if you are in the spreadsheet and need updated data.

Also, please have in mind that if you set a refresh trigger between 8 and 9, it will execute at a random time between 8 and 9. The good thing is that once it's refreshed once, for example at 8:13, it will always refresh at that time. A good rule of thumb is to set the refresh one hour earlier than when you actually need it.

In terms of errors, if there is an error happening when you save the refresh trigger, make sure that you are not using triggers from other add-ons (another Google Sheets limitation). If you've installed other add-ons on this spreadsheet, please create another spreadsheet and try to set the trigger there.

You can see all your created triggers which might be consuming query credits here and delete them (make sure to view this page as the KPIBees user as opposed to another Google account).

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