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How to use KPIBees
Create a KPIBees Query
Create a KPIBees Query

Create your first KPIBees query and pull data to the spreadsheet.

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2. KPIBees works directly within Google Sheets, so open any spreadsheet

3. Find KPIBees in the "Add-ons" menu and click on "Create Query" or "Launch"

4. In the opened sidebar, find and click on the connector that you want to use. Some connectors will require you to authorize an account. In our case for the JSON connector, no extra authorization will be required.

5. Add in the query form the parameters/fields that you need. In our case for the JSON connector, we'll add just the data source that we want to import to the spreadsheet. The query will always be created in your selected spreadsheet cell. In our case, B3 cell is selected. Let's click on Create Query.

6. Here it is! The query result was pasted into cell B3, which we had selected when we created the query.

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