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How to use KPIBees
Manage your subscription
Manage your subscription

How to manage your KPIBees subscription.

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KPIBees offers a free version of 30 Query Credits monthly - read more about Query Credits are here.

If you need more than what's offered in the free version, you can check the pricing page and find a package that's suitable for your use.

The easiest way to upgrade is to open the Premium page within the add-on, by going in your spreadsheet to "Add-ons", then KPIBees, then select "Premium". Afterward, you need to select the package that you need and click on upgrade. If you want to use KPIBees under a different user than the one you upgraded for, let us know on chat.

You can also upgrade directly from the pricing page. However, it's important to use the email that you want to use in the add-on when upgrading. Otherwise, the license will get assigned to an incorrect email.

If you've used the wrong email when upgrading, send us a message on chat so we can move your subscription.

To manage payments for customers, KPIBees uses a merchant-of-record called Paddle (similar to Stripe/Paypal). Therefore, all the invoices that you'll receive will have Paddle mentioned on them.

In order to add your company billing details, open any invoice link and add your billing details by clicking on "Add address & VAT Number".

To check your subscription, open any spreadsheet, then go to "Add-ons", select KPIBees, then click on "Premium".

To download all your KPIBees invoices, visit any spreadsheet while being logged in with your KPIBees. Then go to "Add-ons", select KPIBees, then select "Premium". Switch to the Invoices tab to see all your invoices. Here is how to add your billing details to the invoices.

In order to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, the easiest way is to send us a message on chat and let us know what you need. We will adjust your subscription without any kind of effort from your side.

To cancel your subscription, visit any spreadsheet while being logged in with the user that you upgraded KPIBees for.

Then go to "Add-ons", select KPIBees, then click on Premium. On this page, you'll see a link that will cancel your subscription.

If you have a moment to tell us on chat what went wrong, we'd really appreciate your feedback! Best of luck to you!

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