KPIBees - developed in the EU - is a GDPR compliant tool and we uphold the privacy of our customers to the highest level:

  • We require "read" access to the connectors that you are using. KPIBees never modifies data in your end data sources.

  • We store your connection credentials & tokens in a secure manner.

  • We don't store any of your query output data.

  • We don't directly access any of your spreadsheets, in terms of reading or analyzing data.

  • We don't resell your data.

In terms of installing KPIBees on your Google account, we require the minimum permissions needed in order to make the use-case of our tool work: to write data in your spreadsheets. KPIBees only runs in the spreadsheets where you choose to use it.

Check this article on how you Install KPIBees -->

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